About Vox Pupuli Edit

Published on Jan 1, 2016

Who can join?

Anyone can participate in voxpupuli. We currently have four levels of participation, orchestrated by github teams.

  • Everyone with a github account can submit pull requests and review code.
  • Module contributors have commit/merge access to a subset of the modules in voxpupuli, usually the modules they maintained before joining voxpupuli.
  • Collaborators have commit/merge access to a subset of the modules in voxpupuli.
  • Administrators have the authorization to create new repositories and publish modules to the forge under the puppet namespace.

Where you can find us

We have a number of communication channels:

IRC still counts as the preferred point of contact for many of us but we tend to be available and reachable through both. If you need to reach out to a maintainer because of behaviour in our community that you find questionable please read through our Code of Conduct, you’ll find a contact address there.

Longer form cross-project discussion tends to take place on the mailing list, as well as release announcements.

Project management committee

We defined a governance document some time ago. It defines several different groups and roles. One of them is the PMC. For 2019 we elected 5 people.