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We are a collective of Puppet module, tooling and documentation authors all working together to ensure continued development on the code we maintain.

We work under a shared name and namespace and synchronize our efforts. Having no official relation to Puppet Inc. allows us to maintain our own pace and direction when it comes to how we work and develop. However, all community members are welcome and this includes many Puppet Labs employees.


One of the benefits we hope to achieve is that by a shared ownership of modules we no longer end up in situations where the original maintainer has moved on and a forest of disparate forks try to fill the void.

Since a huge team of contributors has access to our code anyone can step in and help move a module forward, merge code into it and release a new version of it.


In the same spirit as modules a lot of tooling we rely on was originally written and maintained by a single person. This created many areas of friction and sometimes caused these tools to not get updates for extended periods of time stranding our community.

The shared ownership in these cases allows us to keep moving forward without blocking on a single person or small team.