GitHub sponsors Vox Pupuli Edit

Published on Oct 15, 2021 by bastelfreak. Last updated on

At Vox Pupuli we love CI! We heavily use GitHub Actions to run multiple jobs on each new pull request. All our releases are done via GitHub Actions as well. Given our growth, we run into some rate limits. GitHub supports unlimited CI jobs for public repositories, but has a concurrent limit of 20. Some of our modules start 24 jobs on a single pull request, so there is a bottle neck.

We’re proud to announce that GitHub sponsors Vox Pupuli with a free Team Plan. This usually costs 4$ per GitHub org member per month. Vox Pupuli currently has 164 members. We wouldn’t be able to pay this on our own. Besides the benefits from the link above there is another awesome perk: More concurrent CI jobs. We are now allowed to run 60 concurrent jobs across our organisation.

Thanks GitHub and especially Kara Sowles for making this possible!

Would you like to know how we use GitHub Actions? We have a blog post on how we test Rubygems or checkout the Actions we use on our modules.