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Vox Pupuli Privacy Policy

This document details the data the Vox Pupuli collects about you, why it is collected, what is done with it, and your options for how it’s processed.

The Vox Pupuli project does not share data with 3rd parties, except for hosting requirements (e.g. GitHub, YouTube) as detailed below, or when required to by law.

Types of data we collect

How and why we use your data

The website

The Vox Pupuli website is a static site that does not track, collect, or store infromation or set cookies. There is no account needed or required to access the website itself. The website itself is hosted with Github Pages and any data gathered by Github will adhere to the Github Privacy Policy.

The website uses Cloudflare for securing the communication to the Vox Pupuli website.

The website does host a community run Blog series and may have the author’s name be visible in the blog post indefinitely.

The codebases

The Vox Pupuli community uses GitHub to manage the code that comprises the various Puppet modules, plugins, tools, and RubyGems the community is responsible for maintaining. Refer to GitHub’s Privacy Policy for information on how GitHub handles the data you post there. We also use non-identifiable data from the codebases to provide aggregated statistics such as total member count, number of open PRs, total number of projects, etc.

Please note that due to the open source nature of the community, we may retain limited personally-identifiable data indefinitely.

The codebases also connect to a variety of external services for testing code, tracking issues/pull requests, GitHub notification management, etc:

As these tools work in conjunction with our GitHub organization and Source Code repositories, they will have access to any public data that is stored in your GitHub account and/or the source code. Please be sure to read the Privacy Policy for each tool above to see what they use that data for.

GitHub may send notifications for each action you do via the website or the API to those services. All possible events are documented at


The Vox Pupuli project maintains two public IRC channels on Libera, refer to Libera’s privacy policy for details on how they handle your data. Our bot keeps a rolling backlog in the IRC channel for logging purposes that is rolled off after 10 minutes. However, due to the open nature of the IRC protocol, other users can log channel data outside of the control of the community.

The Vox Pupuli community also uses a mailing list via the website. When signing up for a account, you provide an E-Mail address and password. The email address is used to log into the web interface for the mailing list and to send updates to your mailing list topics, personal messages from other users, and summaries. You have full control over the emails sent from your account preferences. Please see the Privacy Policy on any additional data usage relating to your account.

Your rights regarding your data

Your choices

You can choose not to provide us with personal data

Using a VPN, or other IP/UserAgent masking servers will not affect your use of the project website as it is entirely static, however Tor may not work due to CloudFlare blocking Tor communication.

Your accounts on our services

Your account contains options to control what emails are sent to you. 3rd party services, such as GitHub retain their own policies and privacy options.

Your name and email in our codebases

As part of ANY contribution to a Vox Pupuli project, you are acknowledging and agreeing that your name and email address will become embedded and part of the source code repository, which are all publicly available. You understand that the removal of this information would be impermissibly destructive to the project and the overall interests of those who contribute, utilize, and benefit from it. Therefore, in consideration of your participation in any project, you understand that retaining your name and email address, as described above, does not require your consent and that the right of erasure, as spelled out in the GDPR Article 17(1)b does not apply.

Your rights

Where the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to the processing of your personal data, you have the following rights, subject to certain limitations, against the Vox Pupuli Project:

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, you may do so by contacting the Vox Pupuli Project Management Committee on IRC or via email at [email protected]. Please understand that the rights above are not absolute in all instances.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about this policy or our use of your data, please contact us via E-Mail or on IRC

Changes to this Privacy Statement

Vox Pupuli reserves the right to update this policy periodically. Material changes will be posted to the Blog. This policy was last updated on 4th August 2019.