Vox Pupuli Leadership Edit

Project Management Committee

Open-Source Communities nowadays gain a lot from having a structure that can take action when bad things happens, and also when improvement is needed. We already have a Code of Conduct in place, but we obviously need to ensure it is respected.

On August 22, 2016, after about 2 months of discussions, we merged the Governance Document. It describes the responsibilities of the actors of Vox Pupuli: Users, Collaborators, Contributors… and it describes a Committee, the Project Management Committee (PMC).

TL;DR: The Committees members are elected by the community for 1 year. They take care of the Code of Conduct and its values, participate in strategic planning, and decision making using lazy consensus, amongst other things.

The current list of PMC members can be found on GitHub. You need to be part of the Vox Pupuli GitHub organisation to access the list.

Terms and Dates

Terms begin each year on January 1st.

The nomination and voting periods will be held during the months of November and December, with each lasting for approximately two weeks. Precise dates will be announced each year by the Election Officer. When possible, the dates will be chosen to coincide with Puppet’s Contributor Summit, so as to reach a large number of community members with the announcement.


All elections are listed in the Vox Pupuli plumbing repository. Each election document is dated, so it should be easy to find the current election. Nominations are managed via the current election document. To nominate yourself or someone else, open an issue or submit a Pull Request adding the candidate to the candidate list. The dates for nomination and voting periods are listed within the document.

When nominations close, the election officer will create a Condorcet Poll of all eligible candidates and announce the voting period. Watch your email or check the election document for the link. You’ll be asked to rank your top 5 candidate choices.

After the election, the election officer will announce the results, and the newly elected PMC will take office on January 1.

In the case where 5 or fewer candidates are nominated, the voting process may be skipped.

Election Officer

The Election Officer should be appointed by the existing PMC and will be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Creating the Condorcet Poll
  • Managing the voting process
  • Promoting the nomination and election
  • Encouraging people to vote
  • Communication for the election
  • Announcement of the results

According to our rules, the Election Officers can not run in the Election.

If the existing PMC term has expired, then the Election Officer will also assume the duties of project communication until a new Committee is elected and terms begin.