What it means to be a PMC member Edit

Published on Feb 16, 2024 by rwaffen.

The upcoming Project Management Committee (PMC) elections are drawing near, prompting a reflection on the essence of committee membership.

In essence, being part of the PMC revolves around fostering an environment of excellence and collaboration. TL;DR: Strive to embody these principles and actively contribute to adaptation and enhancement!

Having served on the PMC for a year now, I’ve encountered no major issues. But what constitutes a problem, you may wonder? Allow me to elaborate briefly: As a committee member, one of your primary responsibilities is maintaining peace and harmony within our chat rooms and forums. Should tensions arise, your role is to defuse conflicts and, if necessary, take measures such as user bans. Fortunately, such interventions have not been required within the Vox Pupuli community, which prides itself on its serene, inclusive atmosphere. Over my two years of increasing involvement, I’ve yet to witness a situation necessitating moderator (PMC member) intervention. For guidance on conduct, our Code of Conduct can provide valuable insights.

In addition to responsibilities, PMC membership also grants certain privileges. One such privilege is administrative access on GitHub. However, as the adage goes, “with great power comes great responsibility!” This access is bestowed upon members to facilitate the migration of others to Vox Pupuli or to manage organizational settings. Tasks may include adding new members on GitHub or implementing changes suggested directly on the platform.

Curious about the current PMC team? Meet them here. These individuals were elected last year. If you’re considering joining, you can submit your application via the plumbing repository on GitHub. Simply create a pull request and add yourself or nominate someone else. For example: My nomination by @tuxmea. Yes, you read that correctly – you can also nominate others whom you believe would be valuable additions to the PMC.

For a comprehensive overview of PMC membership duties, refer to our Governance Document.