Vox Pupuli Changelog - Vox Pupuli Sponsoring Edit

Published on Jul 20, 2023 by bastelfreak.

Since Configuration Management Camp 2023, people can finally donate to Vox Pupuli!

This was an idea started by nibalizer, meena and daenny in ~ 2015. We wanted to join the Software Freedom Conservancy. That didn’t work out in the end, for various reasons. Instead, bastelfreak tried to bring us into the Software in the Public Interest organisation. That failed due to paperwork (like actual paper that has to be sent across the world).

Now after many years, we’re part of the Open Collective. We didn’t really know what to expect and bastelfreak created some random tiers at GitHub sponsors:


Now a few months later we can say: What the hell?!

People are sending us roughly $200 per month!

insert party.gif here

It’s amazing to see the support from so many individuals and companies. We want to point out Steffen ‘saz’ Zieger, he was our first sponsor! You might know him from his awesome saz/ssh module.

We promised all bigger sponsors a place on our website (well, bastelfreak did that). Now we’ve so many of them, that we had to adjust our design a few times.

Check out voxpupuli.org/sponsoring to learn who is sponsoring us with money or CI resources and to learn how you can support us!

We’re so grateful for all of our supporters who enable us to keep the puppet community up and running <3