Vox Pupuli Changelog - Add Puppet 8 support Edit

Published on Jul 2, 2023 by bastelfreak.

Today, 2023-07-02, we started to implement Puppet 8 support for our modules. This has a few constraints:

  • Puppet 8 AIO packages bundle Ruby 3.2
  • because of that, rspec-puppet unit tests for Puppet 8 run on Ruby 3.2
  • To implement Ruby 3.2 support in our test suite, we had to drop Ruby < 2.7 in some gems
  • Puppet 6 AIO packages bundle Ruby 2.5

Conclusion: we have to drop Puppet 6 before we can add Puppet 8 support.

modulesync_config 6 will bring the required changes to our modules to pull in Gems that work on Ruby 3.2. In most modules it’s enough to add Puppet 8 to the metadata.json. That will run all unit and acceptance tests on Puppet 8.