Make puppet module documentation great again! Edit

Published on Feb 27, 2023 by bastelfreak.

A long long time ago I can still remember… Dominic Cleal created Inspired by, the site generates documentation for Puppet modules with puppet-strings. was created around 2017. Since then Dominic moved on and isn’t active anymore in the Puppet ecosystem. The site was slowly forgotten.

Vox Pupuli adopted it by the end of 2022. We updated the source code to work on modern Ruby and enabled TLS for the domain.

You want to use for your own modules? Just publish to the forge! We scrape the forge API on a regular basis to import new releases automatically. You can also add a badge to your

[![ docs](](

Which will look like this: docs

You want to participate in the development? Checkout the sourcecode!

You like Ops work and want to help run the server? Ping us on Slack or IRC (links in the footer).

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