Vox Pupuli migrating from Freenode to Libera Edit

Published on Jun 12, 2021 by bastelfreak. Last updated on

In the summer of 2021 a lot happened around freenode. The IRC network is now maintained by new people. As a consequence many open source communities migrated their channels to Libera.chat. Many freenode staff resigned and published resignation letters with background information. One from fuchs is available here, one from amdj can be found here. Freenode published a counterstatement. Many former freenode staff members now operate Libera.

We as Vox Pupuli do not want to comment on the history between the former staff and the new owner. But as a consequence we will migrate our channels as well.

You can now find us in #voxpupuli on Libera. This change was discussed on our public mailing list. With the publishing of this blogpost we will also update our website and all existing blogposts to point to Libera instead of freenode.