Vox Pupuli PMC voting period now open! Edit

Published on Dec 5, 2018 by binford2k

Voting is now open for the 2019 calendar year Project Management Committee, with seven great candidates to choose from.

Vox Pupuli represents many different collaborators and repositories of tools, plugins, and modules for the Puppet community. The group is led by an elected panel of officers to make big decisions and guide the organization in the right direction. Read more about their roles.

Please read about the candidates below, and then visit the poll to rank them to your preference. The polls will remain open until December 15 2018 23:59UTC

Candidates list

Candidate Presentation
Lee ‘friedbob’ Lowder Presentation
David ‘dhollinger’ Hollinger Presentation
Tim ‘bastelfreak’ Meusel’ Presentation
Nate ‘natemccurdy’ McCurdy Presentation
Alex ‘afisher’ Fisher Presentation
Erik ‘suckatrash’ Hansen Presentation
Suzie ‘misseuropa’ Baunsgard Presentation

This list is sourced from the election metadata.

Important Dates:

  • Between December 1 2019 12:00UTC and December 15 2018 23:59UTC: Vote
  • Terms begin January 1 2019 00:00 UTC

Please enjoy the party, and let’s gather as much participation as possible during the whole election process! Provide feedback in the #Voxpupuli channel on freenode.