Another year of VoxPupuli Edit

Published on Oct 20, 2016 by nibalizer

It’s been one more year of VoxPupuli goodness. We thought we’d look back on what we’ve accomplished this year and celebrate. This year we solidified our identity and, of course, released a ton of good code. We added a lot of new people and repositories to our organization, too.

Important things we accomplished this year:

  • Renamed to Vox Pupuli
  • Added a self-governance document
  • Elected the first steering committee
  • Added 22 modules
  • Released 240 things (modules, gems etc) (this really means we created 240 tags)
  • Added merge commit rights for 44 people (this really means we made 44 unique ‘add privleges’ actions on github teams)
  • Created as a yellow pages for puppet tooling and plugins
  • Octohatrack found 2521 unique contributors to our projects (all time)
  • Began tracing our activity in a changelog

Thanks everyone who has been a part of this!

We’d like to give a special thanks to Daenney and Roidelap1uie for stepping up to run our election.

Raw data:

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