Project Management Committee election results Edit

Published on Oct 12, 2016 by daenney

The PMC elections have been over since a couple of days and the results were posted to the mailing lists early Monday morning.

It was an entirely uneventful election, which I consider to be a good thing. 56 people cast their vote and considering that we have 73 contributors in the org on GitHub I’d say that’s a pretty decent turnout.

As put forth by our governance section the PMC is elected for a term of 1 year so October 2017 we’ll have a new round. Right now our current, and first, PMC members are:

  • Tim Meusel (bastelfreak)
  • Spencer Krum (nibalizer)
  • Hunter Haugen (hunner)
  • Ben Briggs (bbriggs/fraq)
  • Dennis Hoppe (dhoppe)

We’ve got a nice mix of long time contributors to Puppet, and the ecosystem in general, and people that are much newer to the community. It will hopefully prove to be a good mix. They’ve got quite the challenge ahead as there’s no precedent to what they should do or how.

Thank you all for participating in the elections and we’ll hopefully see even more people participating next time!