Announcing the first VoxPupuli Elections Edit

Published on Aug 28, 2016 by roidelapluie

Vox Pupuli is about to live its first elections. This blogpost will give you the context and how to become a candidate.

Vox Pupuli is a collective of Puppet module, tooling and documentation authors all working together to ensure continued development on the code we maintain.


Vox Pupuli now represents 68 collaborators, and 93 repositories. In order to make this project successful in the long term, we have been discussing about how we can better work together and take appropriate decisions.

Open-Source Communities nowadays gain a lot from having a structure that can take action when bad things happens, and also when improvement is needed. We already have a Code of Conduct in place, but we obviously need to ensure it is respected.

On August 22, after abut 2 months of discussions, we merged the Governance Document. It describes the responsibilities of the actors of Vox Pupuli: Users, Collaborators, Contributors… and it describes a Committee, the Project Management Committee (PMC).

TL;DR The Committees members are elected by the community for 1 year. They take care of the Code of Conduct and its values, participate in strategic planning, amongst other things.

In normal times, the PMC would elect an Election Officer to run the elections, as stated in the Governance Document. However, to bootstrap the first elections, two members have volunteered to do that task: Daniele “daenney” Sluijters and Julien “roidelapluie” Pivotto. I will take care of collecting the candidatures and promote the elections, while Daniele will run the actual elections.

You can find more information here, including how to become a candidate. Detailed information will be spread soon of this website too. Here is the timeline:

  • Before September 17 2016 23:59UTC: Accepting candidatures
  • Between September 18 2016 12:00UTC and September 28 2016 12:00UTC: Vote

Please enjoy the party, and let’s gather as much participation as possible during the whole election process!