How to run the test suite Edit

Published on Oct 20, 2021.

The Vox Pupuli test suite consists of several parts:

Installing requirements

bundle install

Vox Pupuli helpers

Check out the following page if you want to add a test suite to your module or want to learn more about the Vox Pupuli test helpers:


Vox Pupuli uses puppet-lint for better code quality. To run it:

bundle exec rake lint

To automatically fix puppet-lint issues you can use:

bundle exec rake lint_fix

Unit tests

bundle exec rake spec

If you have multiple cpu cores available we suggest using the following command:

bundle exec rake parallel_spec

Single test file could be run by:

  • bundle exec rspec spec/classes/myclass_spec.rb
  • bundle exec rake spec SPEC=spec/classes/myclass_spec.rb

To limit test execution to a certain os or os release you can set the environment variable SPEC_FACTS_OS.

  • export SPEC_FACTS_OS=centos
  • export SPEC_FACTS_OS=centos-7

Acceptance tests

BEAKER_SETFILE=centos7-64 bundle exec rake beaker

How to run the acceptance tests is described more in detail on this page: voxpupuli-acceptance update

If is now out of date you can fix it with:

bundle exec rake strings:generate:reference