Vox Pupuli Elections, 2024 edition Edit

Published on Feb 12, 2024 by binford2k.

As announced at CfgMgmtCamp last week, we are kicking off the more-or-less annual PMC elections process. This is a yearly process to provide more people opportunities to get involved with our leadership and decision making. Would you like to help set roadmap or help architect our Puppet 8 support plans? Do you want to help organize events or run social media? Do you love spreadsheets and want to help with accounting and fundraising? Maybe you’d like to help curate our blog or source content from fresh writers.

Maybe you just want to get involved and help out with whatever is needed. Joining the PMC is your avenue to this involvement.

Starting today, you may nominate yourself or someone else for the elections. Nominations are open until March 22 2024 23:59 UTC and then we’ll vote to select the 5 new members of the PMC.

See the elections page in our plumbing repository for nomination instructions.

I’ll be your elections officer this year. I hope to see your PR soon, and I’ve got a Vox hoodie for the first person to submit a nomination.