Vox Pupuli Changelog - Dropping Ruby < 2.7 support Edit

Published on Mar 1, 2023 by bastelfreak.

This is our new blog series, where we inform you about changes within Vox Pupuli itself or our codebase! Today we start with the first one, information about dropping Puppet Ruby < 2.7 support in our gems!

For historic reasons our gems support a wide (and different) set of Ruby versions. Now that Puppet 6 is EoL (which shipped Ruby 2.5), we don’t require Ruby 2.5 anymore in our Pipeline. And implementing Ruby 3.2 in some gems requires to drop Ruby 2.4 in some gems. We decided to make a hard cut and drop everything below Ruby 2.7. That version is not yet EoL and used in Puppet 7.

One exception are gems that are used in Puppetserver jruby, for example hiera-eyaml. Puppetserver 7 JRuby is compatible with Ruby 2.6, so those gems will keep maintaing support for this legacy Ruby version.

We created a new gem, voxpupuli-rubocop. It provides us:

We also have a GitHub project to track the progress.